HDMI HD Video Streaming Encoder

HDMI HD Video Streaming Encoder

The live streaming video encoder can telecast by using multi-bitrate streaming that boosts your user experience by conveying your live stream with the great resolution that will race with their connection speed. While stream videos by using multi-bitrate the video player mechanically selects the version of the best quality stream that the viewer’s connection speed can stream it. This helps to stream live beautiful videos in video format 1080p HD so that all adaptable devices such as Android, iPhone, Ipad, and Flash enabled devices so that your targeted audience gets what they want. It can record the live HD programs while telecasting. When your recorded work finished you can easily fix your drive straight into your PC and you can use the recorded videos for video editing, giving you the best of both worlds.

HDMI HD Wifi Video Streaming Encoder

HDMI HD Wifi video streaming encoder helps to telecast live videos to every electronic device which capable to see in anywhere and anytime HDMI HD Wifi video streaming encoder makes live video streaming very easy it can spread out videos to a large number of viewers and makes happy.

We do almost any events streaming online.
- Wedding, Birthdays Celebrations
- Parties, Concerts,
- Temple Festivals

SD/ HD Video Streaming Encoder

SD/HD live streaming video encoder that accepts HDMI, RCA Component or Composite a/v signal from devices such as camcorders, visual mixers or other playout equipment. Video broadcasters can now deliver multi-bitrate HD live video streaming to Flash, iOS SD/HD Video Encoder is a stand-alone full multi-bitrate HD live streaming video and Android devices using the Streaming Video Provider cloud live video streaming service SD/HD video streaming Encoder removes the need for a separate computer, encoding software and audio plug-ins making it an easy all-in-one live streaming video solution which can be installed on-site, taken along and even be deployed in remote locations.

Video Conference IP Camera

Ip Cameras is a network device that transfers video data’s in digital format through any computer network. It has own IP address in the network. IP cameras mainly used in video conferencing because they give good conversation of digitization and image compression. Transfer of information over the network is safe.

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IPTV gives dynamic features to the user to improve the user experience compared to a traditional TV.

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