Our Services

Reliable Live Streaming. Broadcast your event anywhere in the world in real time to any device.

IPTV gives dynamic features to the user to improve the user experience compared to a traditional TV.

Host your videos and deliver them in the highest quality anywhere in the world to any device.

Our main focus is to build our clients a customized website that suits their needs and goals.

The world is going Mobile. Smartphones are making the world smarter. Today, Smartphones have made the world handy .

we are renowned for their high quality Print Copy Service, using the latest technology and experienced technicians to achieve the very best duplicate of your original print.

Transfer your aging home movie film and video tapes to DVD. Comes with customer defined label and slim case.

Bulk SMS marketing is one of the most powerful means of engaging your business with your customers .

- Rs.17.50 per DVD - High Quality DVD - Machine printing on DVD - DVD cover design Free - DVD cover Free - Minimum 2000 DVDs

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