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Live Video Streaming Companies In Dubai

Live Video Streaming Companies In Dubai

Assume a plot where a multinational firm hosts a single town-hall event but has employees from each of its global offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah registered in as a live audience this is an sample of the efficiency of live video streaming. The days of individual hosted events at various locations where recordings had to be exchanged are went out. Utilizing live video streaming firm can broadcast essential events as they done with anybody anywhere.

Live video streaming through the internet is randomly coming commonplace. Organizations in UAE Now only starting to realize the awesome marketing powers of such a platform. Businesses in the middle east, Africa and remaining parts of the world are now looking the best providers for live video streaming services. Organizations want exclusive for their products and Live video streaming is a powerful method for completion of task Live video streaming services are the best way to build a bridge with employees, customers and stakeholders in and around the world in real time.

MAXWELL STREAMING provides live video streaming to international organizations, including valued clients in the UAE, Qatar and other countries in Middle east. Our potent online platform offers seamless real-time streaming of events. International organizations are now focused on web-stream to highlight the activities of employees and clients from all around globally as well as live audience at current events

Benefits of Webstream’s live Video Streaming Platform

  • An all under one roof to telecast, publish, record and manipulate high definition video streams
  • Expensive cost savings on event completion thanks to the work to telecast a single event across globally
  • Destination increased as you bridged with audience in conference halls and through laptops, desktops and mobile devices
  • No costs for occasion hosting
  • Robust streaming solutions customized to your business

MAXWELL STREAMING expert in taking your occasions live on the internet. We have successfully completed more than 1000 live video streaming events for business in UAE, Qatar and other countries along with associates in other organizations in Dubai, Doha and other major cities.